The Idiot’s Guide To Gratefulness

I act like an idiot pretty often, and I’m almost never grateful for anything.

If you’re either of those (or both) you’ll love this short guide that I wrote while hang-gliding down a volcano (just kidding).

Something even crazier did happen yesterday though.

One of my two front teeth BROKE OFF. And the root stayed in my gum. Just the visible part snapped off.

It didn’t hurt at all though. In fact I don’t even remember how it happened.

It was just gone.

Then I woke up from the dream and was super relieved that I had all my teeth back.

I flossed like hell that morning. I always floss but this was like I was in a flossing competition with a $1 million prize and one competitor left to beat.

Okay… So What?

This article wasn’t just an elaborate scheme to let you guys know I  floss.

My point is I wake up every morning and I’m never grateful for having all my teeth.

Or for being able to walk

Or for knowing with 100% certainty that I’m going to have 3 good meals (okay, 5…)

It’s so easy to take things for granted. And it’s crazy but having a nightmare or weird dream where you lose something, and then waking up and feeling the relief, is one of the best reminders of this.

The most extreme example is a dream where you or a loved one dies. Talk about the best feeling ever when you wake up.

Or I think back 1 or 2 years and there was SO much I used to complain about. Having to wake up early for my 9-5 job, dealing with tons of snow in Boston, working for somebody else on projects I wasn’t interested in.

Now I wake up when I want, work on what I want, and haven’t seen snow in 2 years. But I often forget to be grateful. Once a problem is out of sight, you forget about it quickly.

And when you have something, you forget what it was like before you had it.

Go Grab A Pen

Seriously, I’ll wait. I have an idea. I’m going to do it too after I publish this post.

Take that pen of yours and write down 10 things you take for granted every single day. Food, friends, having both eyes, being able to see, being able to hear, not having cancer, having your parents still alive, or anything else that you’re fortunately enough to have that not all people are!

Then throw the list away. Or do whatever you want.

It served its purpose.

Do it every day if you want. Or just this once.

Either way I guarantee it’ll change your outlook on today and hopefully many days this year.

If you do this you’ll find yourself complaining less, and feeling a lot calmer when you’re faced with a challenge. Because things could definitely be worse.

This saying is cliche and has been beaten to death, but if you’re reading this right now you have a lot more than some people in the world.

The last thing I’d ever do is turn this into a “check your privilege” message. I hate those people. But use your advantages to keep moving forward! You have a lot of things working in your favor even if it doesn’t seem like it. Go out and use it, do great stuff, and kick ass in 2017.

idiots guide to gratefulness

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